Red Velvet Are Bringing ‘Summer Magic’ With Comeback Announcement

Red Velvet are finally having a comeback!

6 Months after their repackaged album ‘The Perfect Red Velvet’, which spawned the incredible R’n’B anthem ‘Bad Boy’, SM Entertainment have finally confirmed that Red Velvet will be making their summer comeback with the mini album ‘Summer Magic’.

According to an article written by Korean media site Naverthe summer mini album consists of seven tracks in total; six original songs and one bonus track. The album has been described as holding a cool and refreshing summer vibe.

The South Korean girl group became the Queens of summer 2017 after the release of the summer anthem ‘Red Flavour’ , which sky rocketed their fame not only in South Korea but worldwide too.

‘Summer Magic’ is set to be released on August 6th.

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You can watch the music video for their previous summer smash hit ‘Red Flavour’ below.

Written by Ellie Nicholas

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