Review: Asher Monroe has released his powerful and emotive new album ‘Windows of Time’

Singer/Songwriter Asher Monroe is an artist who is not afraid to push his musical boundaries, experimenting with different genres and sounds to create something unique.

His latest offering is his third studio release ‘Windows of Time’ and it’s perhaps his most daring to date because of the sheer power of his vocal performance and how cohesive the body of work is, fully immersing the listener and taking them on an unforgettable journey.

It’s no secret that Asher Monroe can sing but on ‘Windows of Time’, his vocals just shine and take the listeners breath away. It show cases his continued love for his craft and his growth as singer/song writer who constantly pushes himself on all levels.

Opening with ‘Wanderlust’ a piano led track which talks of feeling free and travelling, admiring the journey as you do. A fitting opener for a body of music that takes the listener on a journey.

‘Midnight Masquerade’ has theatrical and cinematic quality in it’s sincere portrayal of the corruption of power and narcissism we see throughout the world. Which is then juxtaposed by ‘Try Me’, a powerful song that looks at we can leave the victim mentality behind and take the power back.

While ‘A Rose Amidst the Thorns’, explores love. loving yourself, loving another and overcoming past pain and helping those you care about to do the same. It’s a track that will surely resonate with many who listen to it.

“Why Do You Love Me” is hauntingly beautiful. It’s fragile and soulful as it confronts our insecurities when we feel the most vulnerable.

The closing track ‘The Golden Road’, seamlessly stitches together this powerful and retrospective journey Asher takes the listener on with ‘A Window in Time’. It’s string ensemble perfectly encapsulate it’s message of choosing the path in life calls to you, that speaks to your soul and pushes you to continue to grow and evolve.

‘Windows of Time’ as a body of work speaks of an artist whose gone through a lot, has thought to get to this point and is grateful for all that the journey has taught him. It’s power is in it’s delivery with stripped by vocals, you feel every word Asher sings deep within you. It’s an album that imprints itself on your soul with it’s reflectiveness but also it’s soaring hope and positivity, that make you feel like there is light in the darkness and ir’s all going to be ok!

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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