Review: Over Atlantic EP ‘Likes Me Like That’

Over Atlantic – made up of members Charlie Jones, Sean Killeen, Gabriel Gomer, Liam Ross and Trevor Cash – have released their debut EP, titled ‘Like Me Like That.’ Only a few hours after its release, the collection is featuring in the UK iTunes Charts.

The EP features four original songs; ‘Likes Me Like That,’ ‘What Do I Gotta Do,’ ‘Are We Gonna Do This Or Not’ and ‘Start Over.’

The band recently embarked on a UK tour, performing in London, Manchester, and Birmingham. Currently, the band is on tour with Jake Miller on his ‘Overnight European Tour 2017.’

Here at CelebMix, we review Over Atlantic’s debut EP ‘Likes Me Like That’ track-by-track.

1. ‘Likes Me Like That’

‘Likes Me Like That’ is the first track off the EP and the use of various instruments is evident right from the start of the song. This track is an excellent way to start the EP and provides a preview of what can be expected from the rest of the EP. Even though instruments are used, it doesn’t override the boys’ vocals – making for a brilliant track!

2. ‘What Do I Gotta Do’

‘What Do I Gotta Do’ was Over Atlantic’s debut single and was extremely well received by fans, mainly due to its catchy and upbeat rhythm. This song will have you singing along, especially when it reaches the chorus. As this was the band’s first single, it provided fans with the opportunity to anticipate what they could expect from the EP – and Over Atlantic has certainly not let fans down!

3. ‘Are We Gonna Do This Or Not’

‘Are We Gonna Do This Or Not’ is again another track that will have you singing along. The track has a good beat throughout it – and their individual vocal capabilities shine through. This song can be perceived as gaining a reflection on the boys’ personalities and just like the other tracks on the EP, it is extremely upbeat and catchy!

4. ‘Start Over’

‘Start Over’ adopts a completely different sound to the rest of the EP, and serves as a good variation for the EP – the EP features upbeat songs, however, ‘Start Over’ is much slower, and is an excellent track. The band’s harmonies on this song are incredible, especially when it comes to the chorus, and we love this track!

You can buy Over Atlantic’s EP ‘Like Me Like That’ from iTunes here.

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Written by Rachel Dempster