REVIEW: Jetta opens for All Saints on their Testament Tour at the Hammersmith Apollo, London

Earlier this week we go to along to the Hammersmith Apollo in London and see All Saints. We also got to catch Jetta up helped to warm up the crowd.

The D.I.Y Liverpudlian is already building a serious cult following with over 200 million YouTube views and 100 Million plays on Spotify alone to her name, capping a milestone year by receiving an RIAA Gold Disc for her track ‘I’d Love To Change The World’.

Jetta sang a setlist of 7 tracks.



Losing Control

Start A Riot

Take It Easy


Enemy In Me

Despite technical difficulties, during Start A Riot where her mic got cut off for 30 seconds but like a professional, she kept going. She put on a fantastic show really warming the crowd up. Jetta has a strong powerful soulful voice. It exuded passion, particularly while she was singing zoo. She has a similar musical style to Raye and is definitely one to watch for 2019.

All Saints took to the stage later much to the crowd’s delight. Putting on a high energy show which showcased both songs off their new album and all the classics that everyone loves. The crowd sang and danced along loudly.

The opening strains of Bootie Call set the tone for the evening. They had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hand. They finished the evening with their classic “Never Ever.”

The setlist was perfection, A mix of both the older songs that have a cult-like following to the songs from the new album which showcases just how timeless All Saints are as a band and how their unique sound will always have a place in the charts.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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