Review: Luke Friend – ‘Request Unplugged’ EP

Luke Friend, best known for coming third on The X Factor in 2013, has released his debut EP, featuring original songs ‘Holding You Back’, ‘Hollow’ and ‘Medicine.’ After coming off the show, Luke went on to release singles ‘Hole In My Heart’ and ‘Take On The World.’ Fans have been eagerly anticipating an EP from Luke, and certainly have not been left disappointed! His EP is acoustic and provides the opportunity to show off his incredible vocal abilities.

Here at CelebMix, we review Luke’s debut EP ‘Request Unplugged.’

1. Holding You Back

This track is an excellent way to begin the EP, and the song allows for Luke to show off his incredible vocal range. The song is about walking away from a relationship as hard as it is and talks about learning from mistakes that have been made. ‘Holding You Back’ is about not limiting someone in the future, not holding them back anymore, having to let them go.

2. Hollow

Again, this track is another fantastic song from the EP. With lyrics such as ‘I can’t be alone anymore,’ the song speaks about feeling empty inside and not having someone to rely on. All of Luke’s songs are sung with a lot of passion and feeling; however, in particular, this song had a lot of passion and emotion contained within it.

3. Medicine

This is one of the most emotional songs from the EP, which talks about the loss of a loved one. The song also speaks about the feelings of powerlessness involved, where nothing can be done to try and help them. The emotion of the song is conveyed in lyrics such as ‘this must be impossible, you were so invincible.’

We absolutely love Luke Friend’s debut EP! What is your favourite song from his debut EP? Make sure you tweet us and let us know: @CelebMix.

Written by Rachel Dempster