Review: Meet Los Five

Bicultural pop band Los 5 released their debut EP Meet Los Five on May 6— now that we have had a few days to listen to the songs, we’ve decided we can’t pick just one favorite! The long-awaited EP is full of upbeat pop songs with a Latin flair.

Los 5 has been in the process of recording music for a few years now, and their debut EP was well worth the wait. Meet Los Five includes five new tracks from the band, including their latest single, “Poquito Mas.”

Along with this single, the EP features the songs “Do for Love,” “Never Saw You Coming,” “Hoodie (No Ordinary Girl)” and “Kings & Queens.” Each song has a positive message and brings something different to the table in terms of tempo and lyrics.

For example, “Never Saw You Coming” has a pounding beat with an emphasis on the drums, while “Do For Love” is a more heartfelt song with acoustic guitar in the verse.

“Hoodie (No Ordinary Girl)” spotlights a girl who isn’t all dolled up, but instead looks great while lounging in her boyfriend’s hoodie. The song features the line, “When you’re just in my hoodie, you’re the real kind of beauty.”

“Kings & Queens” was a standout song on the EP that reminisces on a high school love. The song is unique for the band with a more serious tone and shows off lead singer Juan Pablo Casillas’ falsetto.

Check out Los 5’s latest music video for “Poquito Mas” below!

Los 5’s EP has already caught the attention of the public— the band is in the running to become the next Macy’s iHeartRadio Rising Star. With an upbeat sound including talented vocal and rapping skills, the band is likely to go far.

If you’re new to the Los 5 fan base, you can read all about the band here. Also, don’t forget to follow them @Los5Music.

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Written by Kirra Johnson