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Review: Michael Buble, The Michael Buble World Tour at Manchester Arena

Michael Buble and his world tour arrived in Manchester for the first of two gigs in the city at Manchester arena.

Michael came onstage just after 8 pm, there was no support act, he delivered a full two hours of musical bliss.

He opened his set with Feeling Good, entering from a lift at the top of the stage to belt out the opening notes to an eager crowd. Next launching into his well known hit Just Haven’t Met You Yet, before making his way through an energetic and packed set list of twenty-two songs, including hits Everything and Home.

Michael Buble is a born entertainer, who captivates his audience with not just his vocal talent but with his comedic banter. Hugh Jackman, who had played the arena the night before was the source of the fun, at one Michael at one point fooled the whole audience and had the entire arena laughing, when he jokingly announced to the sold-out venue “And please welcome Hugh Jackman to the stage”. While a joke we can’t help think what a wonderful duet that could potentially be!

Michael Buble performing at Manchester Arena as part of his Michael Buble World Tour.

As an artist, Michael explained that he does not like word “fan” as it derives from the word fanatic, and he does not believe anyone who listens to his music or goes to see his show is one.

” You are friends and family to me, you may feel like strangers in the dark but you are not”

Throughout his set Michael delivers little anecdotes, letting the crowd get to know him more, he tells us how he was encouraged to start singing by his Grandfather who sadly passed away last year, Manchester has a special place in his heart as his Grandfather came to see him perform the last time he did a show at the arena.

At one point in the evening, he paid tribute to one of his trumpet players, Jumaane Smith, who turned 38. He good-naturedly mocked a member of the tour crew, Gemma, who looked terrified to be coming up on the lift holding a cake, as the crowd sang Happy Birthday. Jumaane then took to the stage to do a mind-blowing solo, while Michael stood with the backing singers, providing backing vocals.

Michael tells the crowd about his family and little facts he’s learnt about Manchester and why he loves the city. ( Ian McKellan and Ben Kingsley also get a mention.) Splitting the atom, vegetarianism and how Manchester arena used to be the biggest music venue in the UK before the O2 in London are just some facts he knows about the city. He loves Manchester’s resilient spirit and the courage and welcoming nature of its people.

His show is two hours of pure escapism. It’s filled with laughs, live music from Michael and a whole host of very talented musicians, it’s where he comes alive and it shows.

Set list:

  1. Feeling Good
  2. Haven’t Met You Yet
  3. My Funny Valentine
  4. I Only Have Eyes for You
  5. Sway
  6. Such a Night
  7. (Up A) Lazy River
  8. When You’re Smiling
  9. You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
  10. When I Fall in Love
  11. Love You Anymore
  12. Forever Now
  13. Home
  14. Buona Sera Signorina
  15. Just a Gigolo / I Ain’t Got Nobody
  16. You Never Can Tell
  17. Nobody but Me
  18. Cry Me a River
  19. Encore:
  20. Where or When
  21. Everything
  22. You Were Always on My Mind

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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