Review: Road Trip ‘Miss Taken’ EP

Road Trip – comprising of members Mikey, Rye, Brooklyn, Jack and Andy – have released their debut EP, titled ‘Miss Taken.’ The EP features five original songs: ‘Miss Taken,’ ‘I Wasn’t Worried,’ ‘After The Show,’ ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ and ‘Doing That Thing We Do.’

Only a few hours after its release, their EP was in the Top 10 on iTunes. The band are currently embarking on their own headline tour – ‘Miss Taken EP Tour,’ – with two shows left: Dublin and Birmingham.

Road Trip recently appeared at VidCon in Amsterdam and are preparing for the ‘Alstar Music EP Tour,’ alongside other performers Josh Taylor, Harri Oakland, Bronnie, Robyn Regan, Cal Turner and Danny Boyle. You can buy tickets to the ‘Alstar Music EP Tour’ here.

Here at CelebMix, we have reviewed Road Trip’s debut EP. Check it out below!

1. ‘Miss Taken’

This is an excellent way to start off the band’s EP. ‘Miss Taken’ is a catchy and upbeat song that will instantly have you singing along; we guarantee that you will be singing along to this song for a long time!

2. ‘I Wasn’t Worried’

This is a much slower song, a complete contrast to ‘Miss Taken.’ ‘I Wasn’t Worried’ is an acoustic and stripped back track. The guitar really adds to the track, with this song providing the opportunity to show off their vocals. All their voices fit together extremely well.

3. ‘After The Show’

This is another upbeat song from the EP. ‘After The Show’ is quite a sexy track; with lyrics such as ‘What happens on the tour, stays on the tour’ and ‘Come with me baby, cause I want you to know what happens after the show.’

4. ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’

‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ is the most powerful and emotional song from the EP. The song was wrote for fans going through a difficult time. The track was dedicated to their fans (Roadies), reminding them that they don’t have to go through a tough time alone. The band made a music video for this song, reflecting the powerful lyrics from the track.

5. ‘Doing That Thing We Do’

This is another upbeat track from the EP. This song is guaranteed to have you singing and dancing along! ‘Doing That Thing We Do’ reflects the boys’ personalities to a certain extent.

You can buy Road Trip’s debut EP ‘Miss Taken’ by clicking here.

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Written by Rachel Dempster