REVIEW: RoadTrip take to Newcastle University’s Students Union

“We’re an unsigned band with the most mental fans the world”, RoadTrip’s Andy announces at one point during Newcastle’s stop on The Hero Tour. 

With over two million followers across all accounts and platforms, the band’s ever-committed fanbase was never in question. And at their live show, those online numbers turn into an hour’s worth of whoops and cheers from in-voice Geordies and even fans from further afield – one Belgian flag raised high in the front row.

Bursting onstage with ‘The One That Got Away’ from the Number 1 charting Dynamite EP, the five-piece waste no time in showing the charisma which has carried them all the way to those lofty chart spots from humble Alphadog begins. It’s tracks from that EP which make some of the highlights of the afternoon. The stripped-back ‘Eternal’ and ‘Flashing Lights’ were the first to hit one million streams on Spotify and their fan-favourite status is clear to see as Jack struggles to make himself heard over the crowd when opening the latter. Then there’s barely a second to catch their breath before bouncing into punchy title track ‘Dynamite’.

The occasional pause for a ballad aside, it’s with their trademark cheeky boyband anthems that RoadTrip are at their best. 2017’s ‘No No No’ and ‘Tokyo Hotel’ are delivered with a wink whilst 2018’s ‘Take This Home’ is everything the boyband are all about.

As RoadTrip close on ‘After the Show’, it’s the final three minutes of a set from a boyband who have what they do down to a tee. This is far more than another online boyband, RoadTrip are the real deal.

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Written by Toby Bryant

Journalist and pop head.

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