Review: Run Home Slow, The Teskey Brothers

Australian soul band The Teskey Brothers are back with their second album Run Home Slow.

The second offering from the hugely popular band showcases their talent of being able to write soulful, catchy and compelling tracks.

Over the 11 wide-ranging tracks on ‘Run Home Slow’, The Teskey Brothers (singer Josh Teskey, guitarist Sam Teskey, bassist Brendan Love and drummer Liam Gough) more than deliver, It keeps the sound that enabled them to capture the hearts of fans on their previous record, while pushing their musical boundaries to create a diverse and varied album.

‘Run Home Slow’, is a unique but satisfying listening experience. Avoiding genre labels is something that the band have strived for musically, incorporating elements of southern rock, Americana, psychedelia, Dixieland jazz and gospel. Perhaps the most striking departure is album centrepiece, So Caught Up’ capturing Josh Teskey’s raw and gritty vocals,  taking the listener on an emotional rollercoaster of a journey.

“Bird” the last track on the album, is one of our favourites from the album. A reflective and heartfelt song that sums up the entire album.

“Run Home Slow” is a beautiful album, it’s full of catchy, easy to listen to songs that get into your soul and make you feel.


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Written by Kelly McFarland

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