Review: The Script, Cliffs Pavilion, Southend

The Script by their own admission have missed touring. So they decided to a mini tour. Small and intimate venues in cities they have never played before in England. The week of gigs reaches it’s climax at the Royal Albert Hall for Teenage Cancer Trust. We were luckily enough to catch them at Cliffs Pavillion in Southend.

By The Script’s standard Cliffs Pavilion is small. But what the venue lacks in capacity, the crowd makes up for with their want to have a good time. This is a tour for the fans and they show the lads throughout the evening just how thankful they are for it.

On this tour the band fellow Irish band Wild Youth as their support. Wild Youth released their first EP back in January. Their set is good. Having since listened to their EP, I feel they are one of those bands much like The Script that sound great on a studio track, but they live for the live performances. Catchy hooks, fun lyrics full of wordplay. They are a band to watch as if their EP is anything to go by they will grow and grow as artists.

The Script hit the stage to wow the crowd with hit after hit. The Script are consummate professionals. They know the hits their fans (or as they call them their family) want to hear and they deliver.

From classics Breakeven and The Man Who Can’t Be Moved to old album tracks like Miilionaires which is a song they rarely or if ever play live. The addition was a much welcome and loved surprise for The Script family.

If You Could See Me Now, proved to be an emotional moment as Danny spoke to the crowd, thanking them for their support in recent weeks after the passing off his Mum and the song has become infinitely more personal to him again. Moments like this within their gig, of honesty and frankness that highlight why the band is so relatable, as people can connect with them and what they feel.

If You Could See Me Now

It was a high energy gig, not even a broken foot, could stop lead vocalist Danny O’Donoghue from jumping around on the stage, his boot on his leg a mere accessory to him. The banter between Danny and fellow bandmates Glen and Mark were on form. Lots of F-bombs and fun banter over Danny’s foot. There were laughs from all when Danny messed up the lyrics to their hit Rain, the crowd willingly taking on his vocals till he joined in again. Another example of the raw and pure connection that The Script cultivate with their audience at their shows.


The band told a delighted Southend that they’d missed touring and couldn’t believe they’ve never been to the city before. Once they finish this tour they are heading back into the studio to continue work on their sixth studio album. Danny told the sold-out venue that they have six songs already and it’s likely to be their best but most emotional album to date.

The Man Who Can’t Be Moved.

Going to see The Script even as a casual fan is an experience. You go in as fan, knowing some of the tracks a little. You leave as part of a huge family. For members of The Script family, the gigs are a chance to catch up and have a sing along with the rest of their large extended family.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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