Review: The Script, Sunsets and Full Moons tour at Manchester Arena

The Script returned to Manchester Arena recently, to play the third show on their Sunsets and Full Moons tour.

Support came from the talented Becky Hill, whose powerful vocals warmed the waiting crowd up nicely, despite leaving Becky completely out of a breath by the end of her set.

Opening with a track off Sunsets and Full Moons, Something Unreal, The Script instantly showed the crowd what they were in for, an evening packed with pure musical goodness.

The set was an impressive 20 songs. Spanning across three stages, from the main to the B Stage and even a “seat” stage, where the band went out into the lower Tiers of the arena and sang from the seats.

The Script always have strong setlists and with a back catalogue of six albums we certainly don’t envy them when it comes to picking their set, but they always seem to find the right balance of mixing older songs, newer ones and fan favourites.

The new mix of Good Ol’ Days, which they combined with a well known House of Pain track, really shouldn’t have worked, but wow it did, gave the song a whole new life and it’s nice to see the band mixing up older tracks.

The Man Who Can’t Be Moved is always a highlight of a Script gig, always brings the biggest sing-along moment of the evening and never fails to be an emotional moment between the band and the crowd.

New track Run Through Walls was another emotionally charged moment in the set, as the band sang it surrounded by fans in the tiers while playing a montage of photos that fans had sent in of people who mean something to them or had helped them through a tough time.

There was a bit of fun with the fans when leader singer Danny calling fan Paula’s ex, Craig and singing the bands hit Nothing down the phone to him, to give the guy credit he stayed on the call for the whole thing.

For The First Time, was a beautiful moment and a great way to end what was an epic sing-along.

The Script are a must-see for anyone who likes a gig where they just get lost in the moment being surrounded why people who just love music.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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