RISING: Edith kick-starts debut record with bouncing hit ‘Over It’

Rising pop star Edith readies her debut album with a hearty serving of 80s pop glam on latest single ‘Over It’.

The catchy flick sees the singer/sognwriter ditch an ex boyfriend in style as the bubbling pop production is cranked up.

Edith’s most bubblegum pop sound to date, ‘Over It’ marks the start of a new era for the talented rising pop star.

The single lands with a bedroom-party of a music video – a behind-the-scenes also available for fans on YouTube.

Edith said: “I wrote ‘Over It’ at a point in my life where I was completely and utterly over not just an ex-boyfriend but people and situations that never served me any good.”

“That feeling is truly the best – you’re never going to be truly released until you let yourself feel those emotions and move on.”

The singer’s upcoming debut record follows 2019’s self-titled EP and 2020’s Promises.

The London-based singer looks forward to her album as “the best thing I have done so far”.

“I am extremely excited to share it with the people who love my music.”

‘Over It’ is streaming now.

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Written by Toby Bryant

Journalist and pop head.

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