Rising rap star Dici pulls out all the stops with his latest single ‘Champagne Showers’

Over the last couple of years, the young Italian-born, Miami-raised urban pop star Dici has been capturing everyone’s eye with his melodic flow. Mixing up his flowing bars for more intricate pop melodies has been a progressive move from the talented artist. I think you will agree with his latest single, ‘Champagne Showers’ this is one in the right direction.

Champagne Showers is an infectious pop-rap caviar — elegant drum rhythms and vibrant, glossy synths roll through the entire single creating a graceful foundation for Dici to let his unbound melodic flow build upon this musical delicacy. Hip-hop flourishes and lo-fi elements create the essence of this latest single. We see Dici continue showing off his refined rap verses but also focus on bolder, more melodic pop production. Dici is an artist that works diligently on developing his creative aesthetic, ever-maturing an insightful narrative flow, composition and production skills.

The single isn’t out until the 27th of February, but until then, check out some of Dici’s previous work:

Written by Emma

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