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RISING STAR | James Cole Releases Velvety ‘Type of Guy’

Florida singer-songwriter James Cole released his latest single, “Type of Guy,” a few days ago. The song relates the emotional turmoil of a young man head over heels in love with someone who doesn’t return his amorous affection.

Explaining his music, Cole says, “When I listen to certain tunes and playlists, I feel specific emotions, and I want my music to have the same effect on people. I really want my songs to take them to places in themselves they can’t get without them. Whether they’re feeling sadness or joy and excitement, I want them to listen to James Cole.”

Cole’s musical journey began when he was in the seventh grade, singing in church, and immersed in contemporary Christian music and R&B. Yet he sang for pleasure, as his goal at the time was a career in law. During his freshman year in high school, he started performing live at school, open mic nights, and restaurants, while learning guitar via YouTube videos “because I couldn’t dance and I needed to do something on stage!”

Things changed during his sophomore year, when, enamored with a female classmate, he wrote her a song, followed by another song about a conflict with a friend. Unexpectedly, his musical inclinations became more significant. Performances at major festivals in Tampa Bay cemented his musical efforts followed by performing at the Black Heritage festival, as well as the March for Our Lives rally.

In his senior year at high school, Cole released “Just Because,” attracting vast attention. According to Cole, “It did better than I ever could have dreamed of for a first single. I was able to get the song on a Spotify playlist quickly and accumulate 30,000 streams in the first two weeks.”

“Type of Guy” opens on shimmering synths riding a sparkling piano flowing into an infectious R&B-flavored pop melody full of effervescent hues. A compelling rhythm travels on syncopated percussion and a plump bassline, imbuing the tune with buoyant energy.

Cole’s velvety tenor, backed by radiant vocal harmonies, infuses the lyrics with dazzling textures and lustrous surface tones. It’s one of those deliciously laced voices that burrow into your ears, triggering tantalizing emotional responses.

“Type of guy that calls you gorgeous every morning / Holds the door when you walk by / Only type of guy your momma likes / Gets lost at sea in your ocean eyes / Lend you wings when you can’t fly.”

Splendidly wrought, “Type of Guy” brims with vivacious impetus, irresistible harmonic layers, and the honeyed timbres of James Cole.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.