RJ Thompson

RJ Thompson Releases His New Single “Think About You”

We last bought singer and songwriter RJ Thompson to your attention when we reviewed his album, “Echo Chamber,” back in October, but now the musician is back with his newest single, “Think About You,” which was released today. We just can’t seem to get enough of him!

RJ Thompson's, "Think About You".

“Think About You,” is the fourth track from the critically acclaimed album, “Echo Chamber,” and if we know anything about music, it looks as though it is going to be RJ’s biggest release yet. The track is the perfect combination of meaningful lyrics and an insanely catchy beat and overall we reckon that it is one of RJ’s best singles… If not his best single period.

As one of the stand-out songs on, “Echo Chamber,” this track is definitely a must-listen. It starts with RJ’s unique vocals which are isolated to highlight just how pitch perfect they are, then a steady beat kicks in to give the track the groovy funk that the British musician has become known for.

But while, “Think About Me,” is a super cool and catchy song that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head in no time, we would definitely be doing it a total disservice if we didn’t touch on the raw lyrics which propel it into a whole other lane.

RJ is known for his politically charged anthems and social observations but his latest single veers into much more personal territory as it was written to be a simple and honest love song about his friend’s divorce. The raw meaning of, “Think About You,” poses a direct contrast to the groovy beat packed behind it, but we think that is what makes it so special and so different to what we’re used to hearing from the singer.

And just in case we hadn’t made it clear yet, we seriously love, “Think About You,” and we know you all will too. Check it out below if you haven’t already:


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Written by Zoe Adams

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