RM and Suga collaborate with Juice WRLD for “All Night”

In collaboration with Juice WRLD, RM and Suga from BTS have dropped the third track titled “All Night”, ahead of their mobile game release.

For the soundtrack of their new game BTS World, the septet released multiple collaborative tracks in 3 sub-units – 1) Jungkook, Jimin, and Seokjin 2) V and JHope 3) RM and Suga. These sub-units took their turns to reveal their projects. Jungkook, Jimin, and Seokjin teamed up with Charlie XCX for “Dream Glow”, V and JHope came together with Zara Larsson for “A Brand New Day” and RM and Suga collaborated with Juice WRLD for “All Night” which was dropped today via all the major streaming platforms.

The track “All Night” introduces a new spectrum in the artistic landscape of BTS’ rap line. Using the metaphor of “party” and sensual tune that might hint towards vanity, RM and Suga turn the metaphor on its head as they talk about their never-ending perseverance to produce good music. Using the themes and terms that are connotative of leisure, the duo places the source of their enjoyment in “creation”. One can trace back these themes to the earlier tracks like Dope, “Tomorrow”, “Move”, and “Dionysus” where the septet actively discussed their “hustle” for authenticity and artistic creation. Dionysus, the last track from their recently released EP “Map of the Soul: Persona” used the myth of Greek God with the same name to talk about the subculture of rebellion where creation and creativity are pitted against conventions.

Considering the theme, the song offers a poetic insight into BTS’ creative process as they transition in their discussion from “social forces” that dominate creation (or rather inhibit it) to the idea of “what constitutes authentic art”. Known for taking cues from literature and social doctrines, BTS are steadily creating their own discourse for art and artist.

Offering his own interpretation to the theme, Juice WRLD seems to offer a sub-rendition within the track. All the three artists get an equal space to showcase their interpretation of themes. While RM and Suga talks about pulling an all-nighter in same practice rooms, Juice WRLD talks about group’s gratitude towards their fans.

During the 2018 Festa, the rap trio (RM, Suga, and JHope) released their diss track “Ddeang” that showcased the stimulating power of wordplay, as they created an active contrast between the stooping levels of haters’ criticism and simultaneous ascension of the group as global superstars. Backed by the eastern instrumentals, the song depicted the stronghold of the rapline over their words and rhythmic flow. The instrumentals and rhythmic verse flow found their way into “A Brand New Day” where JHope and V came together to create an ebullient anthem for ARMY.

Through the soundtrack for the mobile game, the rap trio have yet again shown the lyrical and production genius they possess. All the collaborations, be it Charlie XCX, Zara Larsson, or Juice WRLD introduces their own flavour to the songs, offering fans with a variegated discography.

Breaking away from the limitations of labels that tend to compartmentalize artists’ works, BTS have time and again proved to be “genre-bending” and “genre-agnostic”. Unfaithful to the categorization and faithful to the art, the septet has experimented with several styles including but not limited to pop, rock, R&B, reggae, and Latin pop. What unites BTS to their music is their thematic concerns that come out in lyrics as they talk about identity, existential crisis, self-love, self-acceptance, the pressure ensued by social structures, mental health and an individual’s struggle in capitalist society.

Dream and the struggle that comes in its pursuit makes its way in BTS’ songs as they relate it to their own personal journey and offer it as a source of comfort to their listeners. Their personal progression is intricately tied with the progression of their fans who have made it a goal to spread the septet’s message and make an impact in the world.

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