Robbie Williams strips naked for new magazine cover

Robbie Williams stripped naked for the cover photo of Attitude magazine. The singer did an interview for the magazine with John Grant who has also done a duet with the singer for the track ‘I Don’t Want To Hurt You’.

Attitude shared the cover photo on its Twitter account:

In an interview, Williams talk about sex addiction and how he recovered from it. The singer said,

“Sex addiction does exist — it does. It totally does.”

“Depression was a taboo subject but it’s not demeaned anymore,” he added. “Slowly it is happening. People talking about sex addiction will become commonplace and normalized because it should be.”

Well, this is not the first interview singer has given. Recently, in a candid interview with the Guardian, the singer revealed that he was “looked down” upon by indie fans when he went to Glastonbury in 1995. Also, when the interviewer asked about the rumors regarding Russian fans being upset over the track “Party Like Russians”, Williams said,

“I’m grateful for the column inches, I could have released a ballad and not got any column inches, but I think it might actually be my biggest hit in Russia”.

He dismissed the rumors. If you haven’t listened to the track, check it out below:

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