Robert Pattinson: Fitness Tips

Call him Cedric Diggory or Edward Cullen; but his great physique is one thing that cannot be missed in any of his two famous on screen portrayals. Robert Pattinson, one of the leading actors of the film industry does all that is necessary to keep fit. However, instead of spending hours and hours in the gymnasium slogging over various fitness exercises and instruments, Pattinson has chosen some different techniques to keep fit. Unlike other celebrities he does not believe in maintaining a strict workout schedule, instead all he prefers are some common exercises and a balanced meal. It is mostly in the right intake of food that builds his perfect body. Thus he is an inspiration for those who do not want to slog in the gymnasium and yet maintain a good physique. Here are some tips for getting a body like that of Robert Pattinson.

  1. Cardio Workout

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Pattinson engages into Cardio workouts like walking and running every day for at least five minutes per day. These cardio exercises are great warm up exercises. It strengthens the body and prepares it for slightly heavier exercises in the near future. It also stimulates good blood circulation within the body.

  1. Back Rows

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Back Rows are extremely good for maintaining strength in the back and shoulder muscles. This exercise helps in building a string back which in turn would help in performing major weight lifts.

  1. Dumbbells

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Dumb bells help in increasing muscle strengths. However, it is better to start with low weight dumb bells and then increases the weight capacity slowly and steadily. For the first few times, it should be performed under guidance until one gets trained to perform it on their own.

  1. Avoid Junks

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Junk food with lots of spice, oil and fat disrupts the normal digestive process. Thus, it is believed to avoid junk food as far as possible. This would normalise the process of digestion, would not let any excess accumulation of fats in the body and the excessive oil in the food would not cause any adverse health effects on the body.

  1. 5 Meals a Day

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Pattinson prefer to have five balanced meals a day. Apart from the regular breakfast, lunch and dinner he takes time out for snacks twice a day. All these meals are carefully balanced amongst carbohydrates, fats and proteins. He does not measure the calories and eat food but likes to keep a balance of everything while eating.

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Written by CelebMix