Rock Band Day6 Announce 31-Date “Gravity” World Tour

Treating instruments as companions and stage as their ground for experimentation, Day6 take up every opportunity to showcase their passion and talent for music. Operating under Rock and Alternative Rock, genres that have often been overshadowed by other popular genres in South Korea, the KPOP rock group has steadily risen up to fame and has created a passionate and impressive fanbase. Sharing their legacy with artists like Nell and The South, Day6’s music has become a significant contribution to the Korean music scene.

Comprising of five members including Sungjin (main vocalist and rhythm guitarist), Jae (vocalist and lead guitarist), Young K (vocalist and bassist), Wonpil (vocalist and keyboardist), and Dowoon (drummer), Day6 debuted in 2015 and in the last four years have garnered admirers in both South Korea and abroad. Known for their sharp instrumental sensibility, distinct musical style, strong stage presence, enthralling performances, exquisite and meaningful lyrics, Day6’s music always leaves their audiences mesmerized, especially during concerts where they get a chance to connect with their listeners in an intimate setting. 



The band has now finally announced their 31-date World Tour “Gravity”, ahead of their mini-album release. Their 5th mini album “The Book of Us: Gravity” is slated to release on the 15th of July. The World Tour will kick off with 3 dates in Seoul (August 9th – August 11th). The boys will then hit the US shores starting in New York, with 2 dates on September 12th and 13th, then weaving their way through Boston, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, and San Francisco. The tour closes out with 2 dates in Los Angeles on September 28th and 29th.

Young K

Day6’s tour is a perfect opportunity for rock music admirers who would want to savour variety and seek the first-hand experience of listening to their favourite style by a Korean group. Below is the complete schedule for the World Tour:

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