After Romeo Stands Up Against Bullying

How many of you have ever felt personally victimised?

Unfortunately, the number of victims are uncountable. Bullying is something that doesn’t just happen in school, and therefore millions of people have to face it.

Wherever you are, whoever you are, you can find bullying around you. Unfortunately, there aren’t any ways to avoid it, but you can ignore it and win over the hateful bullies!

It’s more important than anything to help people in need, and on Stand Up To Bullying Day everyone around the world stood together and joined the anti-bullying campaign, including many artists who used their power to make this world more beautiful.

None of the After Romeo boys hide their opinions about the common existing issue, and so they’ve started fighting against it a long time ago.

We show you why you can seek help from Drew, Jayk, Blake and TC if you suffer from bullying!

Cyber-bullying is defined as a young person tormenting, threatening, harassing or embarrassing another young person using the internet or other technologies, like cellphones. For cyber-bullying there is no escape – said TC.

Yep, sadly we can not escape. However, there’s no limit to what music can do for people. It seems like the boys clearly know that they can influence and support kids in difficult situations like bullying.

As role models, the After Romeo guys realised they have to use the power of music to heal, to help people escape their reality and to transport someone to somewhere more beautiful with their inspirational songs.

One of their songs “Thank You” just caught us, and lead us to think about haters in a very different way. Haters are people who teach us to use our voices and try a bit harder to become the person we want to be.

Hey this one’s for the haters
That told me that I won’t make it
I’m almost there
I’m on my way to
Having anything I want and
Hey when you told me to give up
I kept on yeah I worked harder
You were my ammunition along the way
And I never had a chance to thank ya
I never had a chance to thank ya
I never had a chance to thank ya
For the motivation all the way

The boys have also empowered their loyal and incredibly passionate fanbase to help stand up to bullying. They don’t just perform, but also they wrap a social message into their work.

Since 2014, they have travelled around the US, making stops in malls and schools, performing four or five of their songs for school children as free concerts, all in the name of anti-bullying.

They started the Bully Proof Tour that has been empowering today’s youth all across the nation. They shared their real stories about how they were bullied when they were young, and now that they’re in a band they’ve still been poked fun at.

Through hearing the four different experiences with bullying, children got the chance to become self-confident, proud, brave and “Bully Proof”.

After Romeo still works so much on putting an end to bullying, but they need Your help!

We asked fans to prove that these four boys are there when you need help. Here are some of the answers:

Honestly, they are the most caring 4 people I’ve ever been fangirling over. When I was down I messaged (most of the time) Blake or Drew and they put the smile back on my face. They all love every single one of us equally and they make sure everyone feels their love all over the world and I think it’s beautiful. – said Heni, Street Team Leader for Hungary.

In spring 2012 I was bullied. As soon as After Romeo released music, they became my safe haven, my escape place from reality a bit. I also learned to tell someone I trust and stood up for myself. Another thing is that they care about their fans and treat us like a family. I had recently lost my father of natural causes and the guys have helped me through it. I’d like to thank After Romeo for being a huge part of my life! – told us Alexis from Arkansas.

In my hometown, there is a lot of bullying. I’ve also been a victim once but the band helped me through with their extraordinary talent and great personalities. – stated Roberta, Street Team Leader for Italy.

They love staying in contact with their fans, they always reach out to us to make sure we’re doing okay, and if we need something they are always here. My bestfriend Juliet Alexis lost her dad a couple days ago and Blake helped her everyday during this hard time. That’s why I love them so much! – explained Lisa from Georgia.

These guys impressed us with the fact that they are using their force positively, to make the life of people much brighter!

Join their mission and don’t be afraid to be Bully Proof. It’s always great if you can’t just defend your loved ones, but yourself too!

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Written by Alexandra Nagy

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