Single cover artwork for "Naughty GXRL" which sees a headshot of ROWA against a black background and her image has gone through a sepia green filter. Her hair is in two plats that come down behind her shoulders.

ROWA drops awesome alternative dance-pop debut single and music video, titled “Naughty GXRL”

Last week saw the release of the addicting alternative dance-pop debut single, titled “Naughty GXRL”, by rising artist ROWA. The track is an empowering anthem specifically with the concept and archetype of being naughty, regardless of your gender identity. This is clearly just the beginning of this up-and-coming star. This follows up her debut feature single on Mary Droppinz’s “Hot Pants”.

ROWA, real name Katherine Schultz, is a singer-songwriter, DJ, and producer who is based in Los Angeles. She originally was born in Milwaukee, WI, but upon graduating high school, she picked up all her stuff and moved to LA. She is known for marching to the beat of her own drum, going on to travel nomadically playing mandolin and guitar in several bands across the U.S., Canada and Mexico but she found her creative nature was not fulfilled and so moved to New Orleans and later LA to focus on her music career. The pandemic led to her learning how to produce music in her home studio, allowing her to pave her own way in music and defiantly amongst various genres really showcasing her creative side. Her genre-defying sound is certainly growing her fanbase, gaining cult recognition amongst fans of LA’s underground scene. She has gone on to gain multiple event residences at reputable venues. ROWA is dedicated to pursuing an independent career in music as a female producer and hopes her efforts will inspire other young women to pursue their own technical skills in music. At the start of last year, she made her debut music release as a featured artist on Mary Droppinz’s single “Hot Pants”, which has gained over 20,000 streams on Spotify alone. One year on, and she’s launched her solo music career with her official debut single “Naughty GXRL”. We’re excited to see what the future brings for this talented singer-songwriter and producer.

“This song is about celebrating the duality of being a fierce modern-day woman who’s sexually liberated, but also respected for holding their own skills. I specifically wrote it as ‘GXRL,’ because it’s meant to represent anyone who identifies with the ‘Naughty GXRL’ archetype despite their gender identity,” ROWA elaborates. “I write and produce all of my own music and I’ve always felt like I had this duality.”

Talking about the meaning behind the song, she went on to say: “For example, if I post a picture that’s more provocative, it’s going to get more attention than if I were to post a piece of art. I’m trying to navigate this road while staying true to myself by incorporating complex musical compositions, 3D interactive realms, high concept creative direction and visual designs into my work.”

Watch the music video to “Naughty GXRL” by ROWA here:

Written and produced by Katherine Schultz, “Naughty GXRL” is an empowering dance track that has an alternative twist to it, guaranteed to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. It combines synth lines, flute melodies, moody cello and warped vintage samples with a bed of high-energy drums that warps into a mixture of dance and pop with a gritty edge. ROWA impresses vocally, with a passionate delivery of her empowering lyrics that celebrate female sensuality as well as intellect, rather than promoting provocative content which is currently highly celebrated but not always in the best ways – celebrating sensuality is very different to celebrating provocative content, although it is a fine line, and ROWA showcases that with this song, empowering everyone to be who they are and post what they want making sure they’re doing it for themselves.

The music video, which has been directed by Gina Sgrenci with Oliver Young acting as director of photography, sees ROWA performing “Naughty GXRL” with a group of dancers, showcasing raw talent and the meaning behind the track in a conceptualised choreographed visual, and they manage to do just that. ROWA is joined in the music video by dancers, known as vixens, Liz Marrero – who also choreographed the number, Eliana Grimes, Molly Sienna Stack, Tori Bearden, Shasta Marina, and Lydia Johnson. Intercut throughout the performance visual is imagery of an albino snake, floral altars and the empowered divine feminine, alluding to the age-old tale of Lillith but in a modern dystopian Eden. Such an incredible concept that matches well with the track, ROWA is certainly someone to watch, especially since “Naughty GXRL” is an incredible track and has a superb accompanying music video.

Stream this empowering track on Spotify here:

“Naughty GXRL”, the debut solo single from ROWA, is available to download and stream, across all platforms, right now.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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