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RSO Richie Sambora + Orianthi Have Released Dual Singles “I Got You Babe” & “Forever All The Way”

Our favourite rock couple have released dual singles this week! RSO, who is Richie Sambora and Orianthi, have released “I Got You Babe” and “Forever All The Way”. These singles have been dropped in time for Valentine’s Day which is only a few days away now.

These dual singles follow on from their two EPs that they previously released last year, titled “Rise” and “Making History”. These two incredible guitarists have had great careers to date, making them more than qualified to be releasing these incredible tracks that we completely love.

The first of the dual singles is a cover of the Sonny & Cher 1965 classic; which Richie Sambora and Orianthi have completely switched up and made it their own. The second of the dual singles, “Forever All The Way”, is a relatable original track from this loving couple.

“‘I Got You Babe’ is one of the best duets of all time, and it’s a song that reminds us that true affection has no limitations,” said Richie Sambora. “Ori and I loved paying homage to this timeless Sonny & Cher classic. We’ve been doing our own duets and writing so much music together as RSO, and ‘Forever All The Way’ is a song we wrote about sincere commitment. And just like Valentine’s Day, this song isn’t only about romance, it’s also about love for a child, a parent, a friend or a family member.”

Listen To RSO Richie Sambora + Orianthi’s “I Got You Babe” and “Forever All The Way” Here:

In the “I Got You Babe” cover single, Richie Sambora + Orianthi compliment each other’s voices perfectly. The love they have for each other span out across the track both in their voices and in their incredible guitar playing. They clearly love singing this song, and it obviously means so much to them. The backing track has quite a Christmas jingle sound to it, which helps us feel the love even more as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

As for the original track, “Forever All The Way”, it’s more stripped back allowing their beautiful voices to shine. This song deserves to be in those Valentine’s Day playlists and on all the compilation albums that are planned to be released soon. This one not only warms the heart, it doesn’t just melt it, it literally makes it cry as we tear up. It’s not just Richie Sambora and Orianthi’s incredible vocals and harmonies, it’s the beautiful and gorgeous backing track that goes with the song effortlessly. We can only hope and dream that we have a love like theirs.

“I Got You Babe” and “Forever All The Way” is out now to download and stream through BMG Rights Management. It has also been confirmed their debut album will be out in April; we cannot wait.

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