Ruby Tandoh has had a dramatic hair transformation

2013 Great British Bake Off favourite Ruby Tandoh took to Twitter recently to debut her rather bold new look.

The GBBO runner-up, who was previously renowned for her curly locks, surprised her 76,000 followers with a snap of her shaved hair. Her selfie was accompanied by the words “do what you want,” giving the impression instantly that this bright and brave lady did this for herself, regardless of what potential criticism she may face, and that she wants other people to live by their own rules too. The phrase also relates to the fact that she has a cookbook titled ‘Flavour: Eat What You Love,’ and she has become heavily associated with the phrase “eat what you want,” encouraging people to eat what they like and to just generally eat as much good food as possible.


She then went on to explain her transformation casually, as though she had taken the whole thing with a pinch of salt. I mean, it isn’t every day that you shave all of your hair of, however, it really is just hair, right? And if getting rid of it is going to make you happy, you may as well do it. Ruby simply stated that, in the past, she felt as though she was hiding behind her famous curls and was always covering her face with it so just simply decided, “you know what? I’m gonna get rid of it.” What a brilliant attitude to have, don’t you think? We love someone who doesn’t take things too seriously and is all about doing things that will make you feel good about yourself. Ruby then went on to say how she has already has a newly found sense of self-confidence just from taking the plunge, claiming to have been a bit of a wimp in the past but she is a totally different person now, and that is all thanks to making one simple change!

Ruby also Tweeted another snap with the hilarious caption “heard yer boyfriend prefers girls with long hair.” She’s always the joker and is someone who we love following on Twitter, however, this Tweet sends out an important message about how women should not feel as though they need to conform to gender stereotypes and how they should not base their appearance on the preference of men. If you follow Ruby on Twitter yourself then you shall be aware of the fact that she isn’t shy when it comes to expressing her opinions but she says things which we reckon a lot MORE people should be saying. She is a perfect role model if you are looking for someone who feels strongly about subjects such as recovery, health and self-love.

We love Ruby’s new do and we are so glad that she is already beginning to feel better about herself. One thing we also love is the fact that she received such a positive response, many praised her for her courage and some even “welcomed her to the club,” having had their heads shaved themselves. Backlash is inevitable no matter what you do but Ruby has handled Twitter trolls in usual Ruby-style, slaying them with sarcasm, intelligence and witty humour.

Ruby’s latest book, ‘Flavour: Eat What You Love’ is currently available to buy.

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Written by CelebMix