Rudi Riekstins is Paving the Way for a New Business Landscape with His Mindful and Transformative Business Leadership Coaching 

Rudi Riekstins is a successful and proven Business Leadership Coach and teaches leaders how to develop committed high-performing teams. He reveals that the way individuals perceive experiences in their life will ultimately shape their reality and emphasizes how important this aspect is to leading an intentional and purposeful life.  

The business world and society drastically changed with the COVID 19 Pandemic as companies and stores had to close down, and jobs transitioned to online platforms. With this shift to at-home working and isolation, more and more individuals began searching for meaning in what they do with their lives. This trend directly affects buying habits of customers and consumers as well as employees, and people are seeking companies that are associated with making a positive difference, as stated by McKinsey & Company. This means businesses must adapt to this recent shift to keep a competitive edge and foster an inspiring work atmosphere. The indelible mark of the pandemic left on the world is not something that will go away. The way of life has become forever altered, and companies must acclimate to this change. Existential fear became heightened, and a desire to find meaning to come to terms with this fear is something many people are experiencing, as stated by Frontiers in Psychology

The backbone of any business is the employees; if the collective state of mind is fearful amongst a group, it impacts the entire company. “One person’s behavior can affect an entire team, causing other people to start to act and behave that way. Companies thrive in environments where people are all either motivated or excited,” Riekstins explains. 

If you are a start-up entrepreneur, public figure, CEO, or creative individual, Rudi Riekstins can help you and your team live an intentional and purposeful work and personal life. 

Now more than ever, it is crucial that businesses invest in the well-being of their team members to cultivate a motivated and driven work environment. Riekstins helps companies and individuals within these companies maximize their fullest potential, creating systemic change by connecting people through their purpose to their organization. 

Rudi Riekstins is an entrepreneur, international speaker, author, leadership business coach, and more. He was awarded Top #5 Coach by Thrive Global and honored by Business Insider as a Top 20 Thought Leader in 2021. The ambitious and purposeful-driven individual is the host of the InPowered Life Podcast and the co-founder of InPower University. Rudi Riekstins is a visionary leader that has been coaching, training, and developing people for over 20 years and can help anyone become the most successful person they know. His teachings and coaching provide insight on how to survive in the work environment and thrive and succeed in any situation. He believes that the primary way to achieve this is by bringing mindfulness and consciousness into every aspect of their life, not just their business life but daily life. 

At 16, Riekstins was introduced to a motivational speaker during a high school assembly and discovered that this was his calling. The glimpse of meaning and purpose he experienced eventually inspired him to become one of the most successful coaches in the world. 

Riekstins knows how hard it is to get to where you want to be. “It took me 20 plus years to have the courage to take steps to do what I do permanently today and charge people for it,” he says. “And now I help people achieve what they want to do, significantly reducing the time that it took me to step into what I do.” 

Unlocking your inner potential is simple with the right help and guidance. Mindfulness is critical to achieving this and requires you to remain present and in the moment. Developing the capabilities of not letting thoughts and feelings control your behavior and perspective is crucial to leading a mindful and purposeful life.

Riekstins realized that people have a “deeply ingrained belief that power in business is contingent upon a title, status, or income level. I quickly realized that transforming this belief was the most impactful way to help these individuals expand their being and reach their specific goals. The understanding we would work towards was that power is one’s ability to remain calm and centered, regardless of outside influence.” This way of thinking was especially brought to the forefront during COVID as individuals were forced to remain indoors and limit physical contact with others. It allowed people to look inward and spend time with themselves, their thoughts, and their emotions. All aspects of one’s life were put in the spotlight, and many people realized that they weren’t on the path they wanted to be on or felt like their life was lacking meaning. 

This is where Rudi Riekstins comes in, who has the ability to assist an individual or entire organization to alter their perception, allowing inspiration and intuition to flow to tap into your fullest potential. 

Riekstins believes that “when you know what it is you want to achieve, you’ve created a roadmap for your mind and body to get there.” He emphasizes that pausing and taking a moment to breathe is necessary to understand negative thoughts and believe they are not true. You can do anything with the right perception, and your own miscued belief system is most often standing in the way. When a company chooses to invest in their team to work on aspects like self-development, team members feel valued, appreciated, and in turn, more committed to their organization. 

If you want to change your work environment to create a high-performing, driven, and successful team, schedule a consultation call with Rudi Riekstins through his website to completely transform your company. 

Samantha Renfro

Content Writer: Mindful Media PR

Written by Digital Nod