Why Ryan McLoughlin is Your Perfect Valentine

Since Valentine’s Day is almost here, it’s safe to say us singletons are dreaming of who our perfect Valentine would be. Even if you’re not single, we all have our dream date. Here we have 1/6 of up and coming boyband, HomeTown, and why we think Ryan McLoughlin would be an amazing Valentine!

5. He loves TV shows

What could be better than spending a day in bed watching your favourite television shows? Or even sprawling across your sofa for a lazy day?

Ryan loves a wide range of TV shows and is especially fond of shows like The Walking Dead and The Flash. The shows aren’t alike in the slightest but they provide action and have you sat on the edge of your seat all while connecting with the characters. Zombies and Superheroes: you get the best of both worlds.

Five Reasons Why Ryan McLoughlin Is Our Perfect Valentine 1

4. He keeps fit.

Ryan has recently decided to lead a healthier lifestyle; going on regular runs and drinking smoothies designed for health. This shows a man with determination and motivation – traits that not everyone has.

Having Ryan as your Valentine would be great because if you’ve got nothing to do and feel like you want to go on an adventure, he would be all up for going on a hike or a run.

Five Reasons Why Ryan McLoughlin Is Our Perfect Valentine 1

3. He can play the guitar.

I bet you’re now asking, ‘what’s so good about a guy who can play the guitar?‘. We can confirm that a guy having the capability to play the guitar is almost everything you need.

Since Ryan knows how to play the guitar it means he’s got a huge creative side, which can be a good thing when it comes to organising dates and going on trips because he’ll have more ideas than your standard ‘you decide what we’re doing‘.  He will take charge and turn plans into action.

Other reasons why it’s so important is that:

  1. Musicians are generally soft hearted.
  2. You  can learn a lot about a person by what music they make or play. It’s like a subliminal message that lets you into what they’re passionate about, what they love and ultimately how they’re feeling.
  3. How good does a guy look while playing the guitar? It’s honestly so aesthetically pleasing.

Five Reasons Why Ryan McLoughlin Is Our Perfect Valentine 1

2. He’s an all round, family man

There’s nothing we love more than someone who makes time for his family, whether that’s lounging around all day or going on family day outs.

Every Christmas, Ryan and his family go on an annual ‘Christmas Eve hike’. Christmas 2015 was his youngest brother’s first year and Ryan posted this on his Twitter/Instagram.

1. He’s got an amazing love for music

We’ve all got our favorite singer and we’ve all got our favorite band but when you look at Ryan’s music collection, it’s like mush in the sand. Ryan’s music taste is very diverse, it varies from John Mayer to Boyce Avenue.

With him liking John Mayer, it goes to say he would definitely have a soft side and with his guitar playing skill, imagine him serenading you to one of John Mayer’s songs.

We’re going to leave it at that. Honestly, what more could you want in a Valentine than what Ryan McLoughlin has to offer? If you can think of anything else, make sure to leave us a comment in the box below or tweet us at @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix