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Ryan Wright Unveils Dazzling “A Dream I’ll Forget”

Virginia-based singer-songwriter and producer Ryan Wright releases her new single/lyric video, “A Dream I’ll Forget,” a song about a relationship betwixt and between memory.

As she wakes up from her out-of-focus dream, lost amid feelings of heartache, Wright tries to unravel her vague recollections. She recognizes the love she experienced was imaginary. Her beautiful dream morphs into a nightmare.

The title track of her debut EP, A Dream I’ll Forget, slated to drop on March 4, Wright revealed via social media, “So freakin psyched to announce my first ever EP!! Been putting it all together for years now and I can’t believe that what started out as voice memos I recorded quietly in the back of my school bus is now gonna be an entire compilation of all of my teenage angst that you all can hear on March 4th.”

Talking about “A Dream I’ll Forget,” Wright shares, “My favorite song that I’ve ever made is finally out and all yours! I’ve been keeping this one near and dear for almost 2 years now and I am so beyond delighted to share it with you all.”

Born in the suburbs of Northern Virginia in 2002, Wright began her musical career at age 11, writing and performing with her singer-songwriter father. Later, in her teens, she found herself in the studio and sharing the stage with her principal musical influences. In 2019, she began working on her upcoming EP, along with her father, Todd Wright, and collaborator Ethan Mentzer. As the EP took shape, allusions to Wright’s influences, like The Cars, Roy Orbison, The Smiths, The Killers, The 1975, and Lana Del Ray, merged with her personal, innovative sound, forming singular sonic potions.

“A Dream I’ll Forget” opens on emerging, oozing synths topped by Wright’s melancholic tones, imbuing the lyrics with stylish, whisper-laced, timbres mirroring her inner aching heart. The throbbing thump of the measured rhythm gives the tune pensive, lingering momentum as Wright narrates her pangs of emotional anguish.

“Sometimes when I sleep / You’re slow dancing with me / But it’s only a dream I’ll forget.”

Wow! Ryan Wright has it going on! “A Dream I’ll Forget” immediately establishes her as a major talent on the indie music scene.

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