Sabrina Carpenter Releases Music Video for “Fast Times”

Sabrina Carpenter just released a brand new single and music video entitled “Fast Times”!

The track (written by Sabrina, John Ryan, Julia Michaels and J.P. Saxe) shows another side of Sabrina as she lives through her early twenties. With this song, she’s remembering the times in life where she would act on impulse knowing there’s a risk of consequences, but also knowing that it’s worth it for the ride of what could be.

This is the kind of song that makes Sabrina feel really excited to be alive.

“Writing it [“Fast Times”] was one of the coolest experiences because it truly captured how I’ve felt the last few years. Seems like we are judged so critically in these times of our lives where we are just figuring everything out,” Sabrina shared. “Makes us wanna change ourselves or fight our instincts, but we should never fight what our heart is telling us! We just have to take risks, and live and learn from our mistakes. we can’t change the past, we can only learn to accept it.”

Fans can expect a full-length studio album in 2022 via Island Records.

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Watch the music video for “Fast Times” below:

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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