Saffron Barker’s Top Five YouTube Videos

Saffron Barker is a 16-year-old YouTuber who nearly has 230,000 subscribers. She produces a range of videos that get many views as they are usually very relatable to every teenage girl and most of them are also very funny. She uploads new videos at 5pm (GMT) every Sunday and is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t heard of her yet!

We love her, here at CelebMix, so here are our top five videos from Saffron that you NEED to watch:

5. ‘What’s In My School Bag’

This video was posted last September, but is still one of our favourites! The video consists of Saffron taking us through the different items in her bag and what she finds essential for school. We love this video because it is relatable to every schoolgirl and it also gave us some new ideas for our school bag (like a massive pot of chewing gum!). Check it out down here:

4. ‘Brother Vs Boyfriend’

This video was a hilarious watch as Saffron’s brother Casey Barker and her boyfriend Jake Mitchell, who is also a famous YouTuber, go head to head to figure out who knows her more. She asks them eight questions and the loser gets an egg cracked on their head! We won’t tell you the outcome, you need to find out for yourselves and watch it down below. However, we’ll let you in on something- both the boys were very competitive and it was so funny to watch!

3. ‘Guess The Body Part Challenge’

This was Saffron’s first video of 2016 and was filmed with her boyfriend, Jake Mitchell. This challenge has been done by various different YouTube couples like for example, Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes. It’s fairly straightforward, they each just take it in turns to guess the other’s body part. The video highlights their brilliant relationship and how much they know each other! Watch it down below:
(Fun game to play while watching: count how many times the word ‘slimy’ gets used)

2. ‘My After School Routine’

This is a nice video which shows Saffron coming home from school and telling her subscribers the different things she does. She catches up on her social media sites, does schoolwork and goes to the gym but you’ll need to watch the video below to find out what else she does:

1. ‘Boyfriend Does My Makeup!’

This is Saffron’s most watched video to date with a whopping 412,000 views! It includes Jake again and basically shows him trying to do Saffron’s everyday makeup. It is a brilliant watch, and we’re not surprised that it’s her most watched video! Personally, we think Jake was doing fine…up until the eyeliner. Watch it down here:

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Written by Sureya Ali

Hi! I'm a 16 year old boy band enthusiast with a passion for writing, music and fashion :)