SAINT PHNX Releases Music Video for “Death of Me”

Fans of bands such as Imagine Dragons to Bastille will hear a similar sound from alt-pop duo SAINT PHNX (brothers Stevie and Al Jukes) which makes it that much harder to not like them. Consider this your introduction if this is your first time hearing about them!

It’s not often you hear of a 2-track debut album but SAINT PHNX made it happen. And now they dropped their latest video for “Death of Me.” In contrast to their previously released video “Deadmen”, “Death of Me” brings on the darker side of the record. According to Steve:

“‘Death of Me’ (dark side) goes hand in hand with ‘Deadmen,’ although it’s talking about a personal experience rather than a relationship.” He goes on to say, “During the album process I got sick and ended up going to hospital. The song is inspired by being obsessed with something so much that it kills you.”

Check out their new video below and let us know what you think by tweeting us at @celebmix:

Written by Ashley Bulayo

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