Salt Ashes releases first single of the year ‘Heart Attack’

Veiga Sanchez, better known as Salt Ashes, is an expert in translating the tales of her heart into electronic dance smash hits with her signature dark synth-pop melodies and zeitgeist club sound. Salt Ashes uses pinches of disco flair to soften the dark atmospheres and turn them into dance-floor fillers.

Her newest offering, ‘Heart Attack,’ tackles the unfortunate but common intense yearning for the wrong person. “To be honest, I could vandilise every god thing, just to taste you,” she sings, trying to stay away from soul-crushing eye contact and electrifying hand strokes.

Previous releases, including her 2014 singles ‘Somebody’ and ‘If You Let Me Go’, reached the Top 5 position on both Billboard and the Music Week Dance Charts. Salt Ashes also won MTVU Freshman and MTV IGGY’s Artist Of The Week for ‘If You Let Me Go.’

Last year’s instant success, ‘Didn’t See It Coming,’ received a New Year surprise with a radio play on the one and only Elton John’s Rcoet Hour. She reacts to celebrating this milestone: “”I was so overwhelmed when I got the call that Elton John was going to play my last single… And open his show with it! I’ve listened to Elton since I was little, who hasn’t! So, it’s a huge, huge honour. A dream would be a collaboration!”

‘Heart Attack’ is out now.

Written by Emma

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