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Sam Blacky Releases Dazzling Debut EP – ‘Summer Solstice’

Los Angeles-based artist Sam Blacky drops her debut EP, Summer Solstice, featuring “La Noche,” a vibrant house song designed to carry listeners to a tropical dance paradise.

Talking about the song, Sam shares, “‘La Noche’ is the final focus track of my EP ‘Summer Solstice’ and it’s the perfect finale. I was so excited I got to work with a friend of mine who I actually met a few years ago in Ibiza, Elisa Gold, on the vocals. Thanks to her, the song is entirely in Spanish, adding even more to the global vibes of the EP as a whole. This song has the most tribal, up-tempo beat of the whole EP so obviously, it’s my favorite. As I’ve said before, tying in my travels and different cultures is a huge part of my goal with these songs, as well as female empowerment and support of one another. Working with another globe-trotting, foreign, female artist on this one was so special. The vocals are all about freedom, dancing, letting go, and pure enjoyment. I hope it makes everyone feel like summer every day.”

A DJ, producer, model, and influencer, originally from San Diego, Sam lived in Australia where she fell under the spell of producing music and performing live. After returning to L.A., she focused much of her energy on music. Along with modeling, she performed around the globe from 2017 to 2021, including Mexico, Ibiza, and Bali.

When the pandemic hit, she unveiled a series of videos via YouTube, entitled A New World, streaming live sets from exotic locations in Mexico. As a model, Sam has worked with Nike, L’Oréal, Galore, Marie Claire, Superdry, Guess, Sports Illustrated, Malibu, and Playboy,

Encompassing five tracks, highlights on Summer Solstice include “Too Late,” riding a pummeling rhythm topped by swirling synths and sensuous vocals. Pulsing with thick energy, the song pushes out dazzling layers of dance muscle.

“La Noche” travels on Latin-laced house textures atop a compelling beat as erotic vocals infuse the lyrics with seductive timbres, oozing smoldering tantalizing sex appeal. “Paradise” offers shimmering hues of coloration centered on a low-slung thrumming dance rhythm capped by sumptuous textures and Sam’s wickedly alluring voice.

Sam Blacky has it going on! Summer Solstice surges with gleaming leitmotifs, bewitching vocals, and intoxicating dance rhythms.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.