Sam DeRosa Dumps Her “Hard To Love” Lover on New Single

Los Angeles-based Sam DeRosa has been featured alongside renowned artists such as Ben Phipps, toured with the likes of Aaron Carter and Tyler Ward, and fulfilled a guest teacher stint at the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

But with the release of new single “Hard To Love”, the pop songstress is aiming for solo recognition and is deserving of it as well.

“Hard To Love” finds the artist in an unstable relationship on its last rope. With a hope to salvage the connection, DeRosa makes one final plea to her significant other before saying goodbye for good. The result is a strangely infectious, radio-ready tune juxtaposed by a somber subject matter that many listeners will resonate with.

Though blood is boiling, with DeRosa on the verge of blacking out from anger, the song’s intent does come from a sincere place in her heart. The sincerity is conveyed effectively, and quite beautifully, in the artist’s captivating vocal performance.

“We’ve all had that person who, no matter how much we should, we can’t quit yet; where we need one more honest shot before we can walk away,” DeRosa says of the new release. “This song was my last step into the ring, where I really laid it all out on the line and said what I needed to say.”

From the beginning notes, subtle guitar strings create a sense of desperation and heartbreak that “Hard To Love” uses to its utmost advantage. The atmosphere is gloomy and suffocating, representative of someone who has run out of options. However, when the production is dialed up, it’s DeRosa who can breathe easy knowing she’s at least tried to mend the broken pieces.

The same cannot be said for the other party.

In the end, the artist is stuck between a rock and a hard place. While she does not want the time together to be a complete waste, DeRosa has come to the realization that she cannot do the heavy lifting all on her own. “Hard To Love” is the product of numerous raw emotions clashing together for a reflective, therapeutic experience.

“You’re so hard to love, and I’m way too deep to let it go, can barely hold on anymore, have I lost the touch?,” the artist questions on the chorus.

Struggling with balancing blame and adoration, DeRosa has a tough decision ahead of her. Should she stay or should she go? “Hard To Love” helps guide the artist in the difficult, but right, direction.

What choice would you make?

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Written by Luis Gonzalez

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