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Sam DeRosa releases emotional music video for “Pill For This”

Sam DeRosa has dropped the heartbreaking video for her latest single, “Pill For This”.

Sam DeRosa - "Pill For This" single artwork

“Pill For This” is an emotional ballad that is lyrically about wishing for a medication to fix a broken heart following a breakup.

“The story around “Pill For This” is about a feeling or a person that you can’t shake,” Sam explained. “Isn’t it crazy how we can medicate for almost anything: headaches, sinuses, broken bones, but never for a broken heart?

“That’s where this song came from. There a lote of people who can’t process what they’re feeling, so my responsibility as an artist and songwriter is to speak my truth as best as I can with the hopes that it will help someone else who’s hurting.”

Meanwhile, the song’s video is described to be a “metaphor” for the song and its message.

“My idea behind this first visual for the song is to set the scene for the story,” Sam said of the song’s music video. “The whole video is supposed to be a metaphor.

“It’s a dramatised and magnified version of the journey into the mind of someone who’s experiencing heartbreak and loss. The idea is that you can try anything and everything, but it really is impossible to forget someone that you once loved, no matter how much it hurts.”

Sam DeRosa

Sam was interested in music from a young age, writing her own songs and entering talent shows. But it wasn’t until she sang an original song at the age of 15 at a competition that people started taking notice.

After graduating from Berklee College of Music, she attended one of her first co-writing sessions in New York, where she helped to write the song “Broken” for lovelytheband, which became her first breakthrough hit.

Two years on, Sam has appeared on the likes of The Kelly Clarkson Show and NBC’s Songland, in which she performed “Pill For This” and won over the hearts of the judges. She has since signed a lucrative record deal with Monument Records (a division of Sony).

“Pill For This” has since landed on the top 15 of the US iTunes Sales Chart and has racked up over 4 million plays across multiple streaming platforms.

Sam continues to write and record and has more music in the works, so make sure to keep a look out for her in 2020!

You can watch the official music video for “Pill For This” below:

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