Is Sam Smith Making a Comeback?

Could Sam Smith be set to make a huge comeback at last?

The Lonely Hour singer has been on a very long break since winning an Oscar for the Best Original Song for The Writing’s On The Wall back in February.

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He has been absent from social media after announcing back in March that he was going to take some time out from the limelight.

However, he did resurface momentarily to pay his respects to the victims of the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting in June.

The Oscar winner has since been quiet and fans were left wondering when he was going to be back making music again.

Now, there is some good news for fans as it has been reported that Sam is coming back, armed with some new songs that are sure to break our hearts all over again.

However, there is apparently a naughty, ‘dirty’ song that is set to mix up Sam’s style!

Teaming up with The Lonely Hour producer Eg White again, Sam has written three new songs so far; I Want What You Have, I Want You Dirty and Give A.

Sounds very intriguing!

All we know is that we are very excited to see Sam coming back, it has been too long.

Is Sam Smith Taking A Break From Music? 1

But we are glad that the singer has taken some time out to focus on what’s important.

He spoke about the break being about living a little and focusing on his family as his 2014 debut album threw him into the limelight.

“I’m trying to live as well a little bit, and I think next month I’m going to force myself to just stay at home and see my mum and dad and my sisters.”

“I feel like I’ve missed out on their lives a bit the last few years, so that’s my plan.” 

We hope he’s feeling refreshed and ready to win our hearts once more with his soulful voice.

Is Sam Smith Making a Comeback? 1

We can’t wait!

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