Samantha Harvey suffered cuts and bruises following a dramatic car crash.
Samantha Harvey sustained minor injuries in a recent car accident.

Samantha Harvey “trapped in ditch” following terrifying car crash ordeal

It’s been a busy time for YouTube star Samantha Harvey.  After recently announcing that she will be releasing her debut single Forgive Forget independently, every ounce of Sam’s energy has gone into promoting the heartfelt track.

Samantha uploaded a video to her Facebook page titled “Why I’ve decided not to sign to a major record label” to inform her many fans and followers of her bold decision to go it alone, and was immediately inundated with messages of support and admiration.

The singing sensation described how she felt that her ability to interact with her fans via social media would be taken away from her if she were to sign to a major record label, but also that she would no longer be able to release cover versions of our favourite tracks, and this was something that she was not prepared to compromise on.

“It has been brought to my attention (that I didn’t know before) that they would take control of my Facebook, my YouTube and all of my social media, and I wouldn’t be able to carry on doing the covers whilst releasing my own original material.”

So to say that Samantha has a lot on her plate right now would be a bit of an understatement, right?

Sam has been working so hard that it seems her exhaustion lead her to have a terrible car accident on 2nd July.  Taking to social media, she explained how she had spent the previous days working solidly without much sleep to make her single a success.

In a terrible turn of events, Samantha fell asleep at the wheel on her way home, and woke up “trapped in a ditch”. 

Samantha Harvey took to social media to tell fans about her horrific accident.

“As I was 3 minutes from my house I fell asleep whilst driving and woke up trapped in a ditch.  I’ve come out of it with cuts, bruises, damaged tissue and damaged ligaments.”

Scary stuff! We cannot imagine how poor Sam must have been feeling!  The social media star then took to Snapchat to demonstrate just how fatal her accident could have been.

The shocking image of Samantha’s car after her car crash ordeal.

Thankfully for our girl, she escaped with cuts, bruises and minor injuries, but the emotional impact is something that we are sure will take a little longer to heal.

We here at CelebMix are huge fans of Samantha Harvey and would like to wish her all the best with her debut single Forgive Forget, and hope that she is doing well after this upsetting incident.

If you would like to pass on your well-wishes to Sam, you can tweet her @samharveyuk – and don’t forget you can buy her single on iTunes right now.

Written by CelebMix