Official single cover artwork for "Taste You" which sees a head-shot of Sami Thompson against a blue and pink blobs of cotton candy which spreads across her cotton candy jacket. Her head is tilted to the left with her blonde hair in slight wavy curls.

Sami Thompson drops sweet-yet-flirtatious candy-inspired indie-pop single “Taste You”

Just dropped today is the awesome new indie-pop single from Sami Thompson titled “Taste You”. Her sweet vocals add a cute vibe to the flirtatious making-out track which envisions the exciting start of relationships. This follows up her previous single “On Read”.

Sami Thompson is a 16-year-old singer-songwriter who is quickly becoming a rising pop star creating an impact on the industry. Her gorgeously sweet vocals allow her to take listeners on a journey with every single song she sings. She’s already proven how incredible she is with the 15 million streams she has across multiple platforms, and going on to appear on MTV, Nick Music, and Sirius/XM. She’s been growing her fanbase for the past couple of years starting by dropping her debut single “Sandy Christmas” in 2019 which led to many more singles being released, with her sophomore single “Lifeline” becoming her most-streamed track on Spotify with over 827,000 streams, while “Linger” is following just behind at over 727,000 streams. Her clear motivation and drive to turn music into her career with her awesome and unforgettable voice, as well as her songwriting talents, just show that she’s set to become a star. Keep an eye on her in the next couple of years.

Written by SMITH and Sami Thompson, whilst it has been produced by SMITH and justdoitBRISK, “Taste You” is a sweet indie-pop track that has a teenage flirtatious twist that has us wanting to listen to the track again and again. Sami Thompson doesn’t hold back as she delves into wanting to make out with the person she likes, whilst infusing a variety of candy between their mouths – the lyrics are fun and flirty whilst creating sexed-up imagery of couples locking lips with candy sweets. The production is subtle, allowing the vocal to make a sweet impact on the listeners, and the whole track ends with the sound of popping candy – who doesn’t love that sound? With this track, “Taste You”, Sami Thompson has proven herself as a rising indie-pop star who deserves to be on all our radars.

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“Taste You”, by Sami Thompson, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Hitmaker Music Group.

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