Sammy Wilk Debuts “Turn the Lights Down” Single

Vine-star-turned-musician Sammy Wilk releases a new single in his characteristic hip hop-reggae fusion style. The catchy tune is perfect for kicking back anywhere, anytime; but if you pay attention to the lyrics, you might find yourself reminiscing about the time you first fell in love with someone (or vice versa).

Lyrically, Sammy captures the feeling of being love-struck and pursuing a love interest in clear terms.

“Can you feel the love up in the air / It’s taking over / Show you round the city / You know I can be your chauffeur / If you don’t believe me guess I’ll take the time to show ya / I’m just tryna make your mind,” he ends powerfully.

Grab your copy of “Turn The Lights Down” here and keep an eye on Sammy in the coming months – we can’t wait to hear more of what he has in store for us!

Written by CelebMix