Sarah Barrios has released her new single Help ft. RENCE

Arista Records rising star Sarah Barrios has released her latest single “Help” featuring RENCE.

“Help” is a song that will break down barriers and start conversations. It’s extremely forthright in it’s message: It’s ok to not be ok. The song promotes how it’s ok to ask for help and that doing show doesn’t make you weak. It’s an incredibly powerful but uplifting track.

“This song feels so important to me because it works to fight the stigma that exists around not being okay, and not being acceptable to ask for “Help” when you need it. I am always amazed by artists that can effectively use their art and platform to enact change – and always try to find ways to do that with mine – so joining Sarah on the record felt like the perfect fit. I wrote my verse of this song – about my tendency to always try and seem strong, especially in my most broken moments – to give the world another example of how someone would have benefited from asking for help. The two of us come together on the second hook admitting that sometimes, we both just need a helping hand. ”

Rence on collaborating on Help with Sarah.

With lyrics like “It’s funny how we got mouths but we don’t talk It’s funny how we breakdown when we get drunk Apologise tomorrow, for being numb Guess I was crying for no reason, if you ask me I forgot.” “Help is unflinchingly honest and relatable. It’s our favourite track that Sarah has released so far.

Since signing a deal with both Arista and Visionary Records, back in April, Sarah is an artist who continues to grow. She released her debut EP, Letters I Never Sent, back in July. The EP followed the release of Sarah’s upbeat debut single, “I Didn’t Mean To” as well as the tracks, “Mourn the Living” where she displays her versatility and shows a whole different side to her voice as she digs deep and channels very real and raw emotions in this stirring and stripped back piano ballad.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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