Sarah Barrios releases her debut EP ‘Letters I Never Sent’

Sarah Barrios is an artist you will not regret adding to your playlist. She has just released her debut EP ‘Letters I Never Sent’ via Arista and Visionary Records.

Here at CelebMix, we fell in love with Sarah when she released her debut single via Arista and Visonary Records ‘I Didn’t Mean To‘, earlier this year.

The release of her new EP shows her strength as a singer/songwriter and easily defines her as an artist to keep an eye on because she is extremely talented.

‘Letters I Never Sent’ includes four songs, all which showcase Sarah as an artist and introduce new fans to her, while showing old fans just why they are a fan of her.

The EP is an emotive and beautiful listen. It’s raw and honest but very relatable to the listener. Something that Sarah is becoming known for, much like her contemporaries Louis Tomlinson, Laura White, Asher Monroe and Lauren Daigle, all who are able to tell a story and invoke emotion, from the listener by telling it in a way they can relate their own experiences to it.

One of the standouts tracks off the EP has to be ‘Emotional, it’s a catchy and honest exploration of why we get so emotional and feel such intense feelings about things.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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