Sarah Close Reaches 500,000 Well Deserved Subscribers

If you haven’t heard of Sarah Close, where have you been? Singer, songwriter and YouTube star Sarah Close, aged 20, hit a massive 500,000 subscribers today. After making YouTube videos since she was as young as 14, she reached an amazing milestone. On her channel, Saz mainly makes covers of both popular and old songs and occasionally does vlogs of holidays and trips to her home, the Isle Of Wight.

Sarah has got over 42,000,000 views in seven years and honestly, we know why! Her videos never fail to impress us due to her lovely, powerful voice and her hilarious bloopers. Sarah also uses her epic skills to write her fans questions into songs in a series she calls ‘Singing Your Questions’. So far, there are four of these and Sarah has teased about a fifth one by asking fans to use the hashtag #singingyourquestions500K on Twitter, suggesting that she will do one when she hits the big number! If you want to watch this fabulous series you can here.

When she hit 100K, back in November 2014, Sarah uploaded a video of a song she wrote called ‘100,000’ where she sang about her past, present and plans for the future! If you want to check out that video, you can watch it here:

We are very proud of Sarah for hitting this well-deserved number and wish her all the best for the future as she grows bigger and better in all that she does! Soon, we are sure to see her hit 1,000,000 and have hit records in the charts.

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Written by CelebMix