Sarah Harding EP: Review

Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding has just released her debut solo music as an EP consisting of three songs and a remix. The EP features her debut solo single ‘Threads’

The EP features two catchy upbeat songs, ‘Threads’ and ‘Live Before I Die’ and a slow ballad, ‘Indelible’.

Threads is a mix of different music styles, mostly rock-pop but with dub-step elements. Sarah describes the song as “gritty” and explains the song is about letting go. She also said it’s probably not what people would expect as a first single.

Live Before I Die is certainly catchy from the very first listen while Threads is more of a grower. The beat and lyrics instantly grab your attention, it also gives quite a summer vibe. This track reminds of the songs Sarah recorded for St. Trinians, this song would definitely appeal to a lot of people while Threads is more of a grower but equally great. I think this would be a fantastic single.

Indelible is the only slow song on the EP, it is a song that anyone who has been through heartbreak or hurt by someone they love can relate to. Sarah’s lyrics come from the heart and soul and her vocals on the track are just simply amazing. “You did your part, left a mark now it’s here to stay, these fractured hearts never heal the same” these lyrics, I think anyone could relate to at some point in their life. It’s definitely a favourite track amongst them all.

Fans are loving Sarah’s EP, one fan saying “I think Sarah’s EP is incredible. I love that each track is slightly different, yet you can tell the lyrics are written from the heart. She works really hard and deserves to do well”

While another wrote “I really love it. My favourite is definitely Indelible, I also love the Threads remix. Sarah is so good at rocking it out then doing a slow ballad. She has a different aspect of music in the EP which I love. She can do almost anything. I’m waiting for the album now!”

Sarah Harding EP: Review 1Overall, Sarah’s EP is definitely worth downloading, it has a variety of music styles which makes the tracks so catchy. Indelible is my favourite, it really shows off Sarah’s vocals. Sarah has worked so hard and finally put herself out there as a solo artist and it certainly is worth the five year wait!

In the iconic, famous words of Sarah Harding herself, “IT’S ABOUT TIME!”


Good Luck Sarah.



The single Threads is available on iTunes and Amazon now and a signed hard copy of the single on  Sarah’s website.

The Threads EP is also available on iTunes and Amazon now.




Written by CelebMix