Official EP artwork for "On Fire" which sees Sasha Atlas kneeling down wearing a short red dress and a brown jacket which is lit up in flames.

Sasha Atlas showcases her versatility as an artist in her debut EP release titled “On Fire”

Today marks the release of the debut EP, titled “On Fire”, from Sasha Atlas who shines in every way possible. The EP contains four unforgettable tracks and a remix that ends the collection perfectly. This follows up her third single, titled “The Flame”, which is also the third single to be released from this EP, after “Walls” and “More Than Anyone”.

Sasha Atlas is a New York City-based singer-songwriter, musician, writer, and financier. She has made a defining career for herself on Wall Street, going on to manage over $15 billion in assets, whilst focusing on her music career, on the side. She has been involved in music ever since she was a teenager, performing in her first off-broadway musical at the age of 13. She went on to attend NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where she studied theatre and voice but, before she graduated, she accidentally had drinks with someone who offered her a job working as an investment manager at a Fortune 500 company on Wall Street. Her incredible story and her clear mindset to achieve what she wants, just show that she’s a force to be reckoned with, and the exceptional vocals she has paired with her songwriting ability will certainly take her places. We’re excited to see what the future brings for her.

The entire EP, “On Fire”, has been written by Sasha Atlas with Konstantin Korsakov acting as producer, and it is a brilliant debut collection of tracks. The final track is a Dean Korso remix adding depth and making an impact to close out her debut EP.

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Kicking off this EP perfectly is “Ember in the Dark”, a slow-tempo rock song that starts with slow guitar chords as Sasha Atlas brings relatable and honest lyrics with her emotive, chilling voice that just hits us right in our cores; you can definitely hear her Amy Lee (Evanescence) inspired vibe and energy from the get-go. Halfway through the song, drums crash in and later a huge electro-guitar solo personifies the track into a full-on rock song. The second track is “Walls”, which was her debut single, which sees her take a more alternative-rock production route with her deep dark rock vocals crisp and making a statement as she delves into lyrics about being confident in oneself and not letting inner demons sabotage you and block you in.

“The Flame” is the third track on the “On Fire” EP, which slows everything down by opening with piano chords as Sasha Atlas sings clearly and softly with heartfelt energy. The track is a stunning rock-pop ballad that brings even more versatility to the table, with soulful vibes as the lyrics cut through to the listeners deeply. “More Than Anyone” follows next keeping with the initial piano chords, at the start; it hits deeply as Sasha Atlas brings her powerful and passionate vocals to the track as she sings about daring to leave everything behind. It’s a beautiful, stripped-back track with a gorgeous piano instrumental two-thirds in. The final track is the Dean Korso remix of “The Flame” which totally flips the song into a dark underground dance jam that has a groovy drop and mashes well with Sasha Atlas’ vocals.

Listen to our favourite song “More Than Anyone” from this EP here:

“On Fire”, the debut EP from Sasha Atlas, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms.

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