Say Hello to the Utopia Club NFT

A unique NFT based community celebrates dancers, singers, and entertainers worldwide.

Ever wonder what’s with all the NFT hype? Well, there may be more to NFTs than you can think. When all the hype of flipping and overnight money-making dies – that’s when the world will see the real potential of the NFTs. 

Yes, we’re all tired of all the millions of ape NFTs that are coming up every single day! And – if you’re wondering as to where this is all leading, well, then you’ve come to the right place. 

You see, NFTs have a lot more to them than meets the eye. NFTs have digitized ownership of digital assets in a way never seen before. So, why are people paying millions for a JPEG that they can hire a freelancer to make for a few dollars? 

It’s about the community! Yes, when you buy an NFT you purchase full rights over a piece of art. But, that’s not just it. You also become a member of a sort of a club. If you buy an NFT that really lets you express yourself, then you now have thousands of others who feel just the same way as you. 

With so many random NFT projects popping up, many of which don’t hold much value beyond a JPEG, today, we’d like to introduce you to the Utopia Club NFT. 

What is Utopia Club all about? 

The Utopia Club was formed to celebrate the world of music and dance. It’s said that music is a universal language. Through all the barriers of politics, geography and language – if there is one thing that we can all connect over, it’s music and dance. 

And, this is what the Utopia Club is all about. It’s about forming a society of those that want to connect over music and dance. And, as you can imagine, the artwork is in line with this too. You get to choose from artworks of all genders that are all dressed up for the Friday night – ready to hit the club, or a local Jazz Bar – in it to have a good time. 

The Utopia Club doesn’t just end there though. So, what do you do when you have thousands of people that are in a community that love to sing, make music, dance and entertain? Well – that’s where the perks of the community come in. And, this is why certain projects are much more than just a JPEG. 

What makes the Utopia Club different? 

No, there are no promises of yacht parties. That’s just all hype. The Utopia Club is a bit more clear headed and laser focused than that. Here is what they have on offer – 

  1. A community managed radio station – We all have that one song that we really love. A lot of the time, it’s a song that is not that popular and we wish we could share with others so that they, too, could enjoy it. And this is what the radio station is all about. A place where members can share what they’re grooving to. 
  2. A wall-of-fame – Whether you’re a bedroom producer, a bathroom singer or a casual guitarist – we all have something we love to do with music. Whether it’s singing along to our favorite tune – or – that beat that we made at 3AM that one night – we all have something to share. And this is where you get to do that. A member-only section of the website where users get a set space where they can put up links to songs, their album covers, gifts and more!
  3. Metaverse and beyond – As we prepare for the Metaverse, what better way to enter it with an underground club where all the members of the Utopia get to enter and have a great time? Theme? A retro-styled disco club!

As you can imagine – it’s all about being part of a tribe. A sort of belonging that you get when being part of an NFT. 

Yes, at the moment, you may have your neighbor’s kid flipping NFTs and making a killing – that’s all fine. But, when all the hype dies, a few projects will survive. 

Communities will be formed in the metaverse. And people would choose identities. In between millions of apes and doodles, the right NFT that truly expresses you would help you stand out. 

To learn more about The Utopia Club, log on to its official website,

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Written by Monella