Scoop has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house

The rapper left the house to hear his housemates cheering for him and when the doors opened, he took his top off and walked down the stairs topless to greet host Emma Willis.

Before Emma started the interview, Scoop wanted to clarify why he was nominated: ”I was put up for eviction because I refused to slag my friends” the rapper insisted.

Emma quizzed Scoop on the UK vs. USA theme divide and the difficulty of the game with the rapper saying: ”I developed a great friendship with Farrah and Jenna in the household and with everybody”

”To be honest with you, it wouldn’t matter if you said slag James, slag Jenna, slag anyone I don’t do that”. He also insisted that he doesn’t slag people behind their backs.

Emma asked what the catalyst of the housemates was, ”You have a bunch of different people that are not used to each other and everybody is not like me, they can’t listen, everybody sees things a certain way and with their own biased” he explained.

He continued, ”So when you throw a bunch of people like that in the pot, what the hell do you get? A bunch of damn nonsense!”.

When asked about how the Brits are getting on, he added: ”I think the Brits are getting on fine, it’s just the issue of culture”.

Written by CelebMix