Promotional photo for "My Sting Machines" and "Lots if Love" which sees Scott Wade lying on the floor, face down and shirtless, lying slightly on his side as he looks at the camera. His body is wet and he has dirt trailing down his body, amongst a blue triangle tattoo with a blue quarter-circle tattoo above his nipple. He is resting his head against one of his arms.
Photo Credit: Rin Nagamoto

Scott Wade brings an experimental feeling to displacement with his recent single “My Sting Machines” and accompaniment short film “Lots if Love”

Released last week, Scott Wade doesn’t shy away from experimental music or short films in this exciting single release of “My Sting Machines” which is accompanied by the short film, “Lots if Love”. These releases follow up his debut album which was dropped at the start of last year, titled “Sew”.

Scott Wade is a Tokyo producer and music writer, who previously worked for TV and advertisements, where he went on to work with brands such as New Balance and McNai Magazine. On top of that, he has also worked with a handful of short films and video games. He dropped his debut single “CD Green” in 2021 and soon followed it up with his debut album, titled “Sew”, last year, which gained success amongst independent voices, and as 2023 fully begins, he’s set to make an impact with his new music. In addition to his music, he plans to be creative and experimental with the release of short films which accompany his songs, unleashing his creativity onto his viewers and his listeners, and in doing so, growing his fanbase.

His current project was born when he came together with videographer, Matthew Sperzel, to pitch for a fashion brand in Tokyo. They built an idea about a narrator in a dark room reading very brief stories. They ended up shooting it themselves, and hence this project began.

Watch the short film “Lots if Love” here:

The opening scene of the short film showcases a phone box in the middle of nature – it clearly doesn’t belong here. It is surrounded by grass, trees, and bushes; something man-made, encircled by Mother Earth. We watch as a smart-looking man, named Teddy (played by Arthur Barlow), enters the phone booth and dials a number – he looks worn and mentally tired. He ends up having a conversation with Memory (played by Ora Margolis), who could also be seen as his own memory, as he attempts to deal with his internal feelings and try to understand them. Memory seems bemused by his call but intends to help him make sense of his feelings. In reflection of the beautiful green scenery with the metal phone box in the middle, Memory is in an oceanic-blue room speaking seductively and wearing just a nightdress.

“We wanted to shoot there, the location says a lot. It’s a really beautiful place, sort of like you want to get lost in there for a moment,” Scott Wade said of the lush scenery. “The film was a pretty pure experience and it came about very naturally. Most certainly, the crux of the video began with the phone booth location. That was the catalyst of the rest of the ideas.”

As for the music release, “My Sting Machines”, it’s an interesting instrumental track that is full of experimental tones. It was born out of a single piano line which Scott Wade was focused on and it just grew from there. The track is progressive in a number of waves, giving the listener a transitional but gentle journey as various instruments fade in and out. The rich pallet creates a variety of intrinsical melodies that flow through defiant textures, creating a different listening experience every time you hear the track, whilst managing to convey that feeling of displacement, which was Scott Wade’s intent, every single time.

Talking about the track, he said: “As with the short story, I was thinking about fighting with something natural and inevitable.”

Stream “My Sting Machines” by Scott Wade on Spotify here:

“My Sting Machines” by Scott Wade is available to download and stream, across all platforms, right now. His short film, “Lots if Love”, is also available to watch above or over on YouTube. Expect to see more new music and short films from Scott Wade soon.

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