Scream’s Reboot Finally Has A (Radical) New Cast

Rap star Tyga has joined the upcoming third season of MTV’s Scream, continuing the horror series’ top-down facelift.

He’ll play Jamal, a regular character and step-brother to frontman Deion, both of whom’s worldview “couldn’t be more different”. Jamal is described as a “hustler” placing his family front and centre – but Deion is a football player driven to reach college and advance his career. This forces them to “consider exactly how they fit into each other’s lives”.

That’s not all for the major casting news – C.J. Wallace (Faith Evans’ son) also joins the show as the “socially awkward savant” Amir, who shies away from relationships and secretly dreams of music stardom. These characters will become victims, suspects and partners as they escape a masked killer…or is one of them the culprit?

Instead of a suspenseful 12-week run as in season 2, the new Scream will air over a “binge-watch friendly” three nights, with two hours of action per evening – but you’ll have to wait until March 2018.

Fans are divided on the show’s risky new direction, with some lamenting it as a “slap in the face” and “disrespectful” to the original cast, who departed after October’s Halloween Special. However, some are advocating for a new direction following the show attracting just 377,000 viewers (on average) for its second season.

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Written by CelebMix