SDCC 2018: Barry Allen Teams Up With Daughter In Season 5 Trailer Of ‘The Flash’

In the finale episode of season 4, Barry and Iris got the surprise of their lives when Nora Allen shows up from the future. After celebrating defeating DeVoe and the birth of Joe and Cecile’s new daughter – Nora Allen crashes the party, revealing to everyone who she is and that she has no way to get back to the future. She also reveals that she has made a big mistake, in which she needs the help of her parents.

By the looks of the trailer, it seems that Nora is hiding something incredibly huge from her parents and Barry demands to know what it is.

“Nora, I need to know.”

A part of the trailer that had everybody going wild was when Barry announces that he doesn’t have a  suit to take on the next villain and Nora introduces ‘The Flash Ring’. Barry’s new suit is now kept in this ring – which is pretty mind-blowing and we can’t wait to see the ring works it’s magic!

“Actually, I have a back-up.”

“Total fan-favourite!” 

We’re also introduced to the new villain of season five, Cicada. Here’s a little backstory; In the comics, Cicada was filled with regret after murdering his wife when he was struck by lightening. He gained the ability to absorb others life-force’s, which allowed him to prolong his life. Cicada now believes he is connected to The Flash, due to their abilities being quite similar – minus the speedster part – and creates a cult who murders everyone Barry Allen has ever saved, with the help of lightening bolt-shaped daggers. Cicada also believes that with all of this energy he has stored up from the people and The Flash himself, he will finally be able to resurrect his wife.

The actor playing Cicada was also announced during The Flash panel and that is, Chris Klein, who is mostly known for his role in ‘American Pie’ as Oz. We’re very excited to see him play a villain and so are plenty of others!

Watch the trailer here:

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