Selena Gomez is “beyond done” talking about Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez has opened up to Rolling Stones  magazine about her new album Revival, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, her on and off again boyfriend Justin Bieber, and more.

Last November, Justin Bieber was recorded singing to Selena a couple of days before the American Music Awards. In her interview with the Rolling Stone, Selena was asked what was going on there and what is was like to have the world see that private moment. She replied with, “Well, I am sorry, first of all. And honestly, what I would love to be printed is that I am so beyond done with talking about that, and him.”

On whether or not that situation made it harder for her to go the American Music Awards. Selena said, “Not at all. I don’t alter my life because of what people are going to talk about. If I go and have a great time, I live my life and nothing is going to dictate how I feel unless I let it.”

It was also brought up that Selena said that songs like “Same Old Love” aren’t always about a specific relationship, but that she must know that people are going to assume they are. She replied with, “Yeah, I understand that. It’s a song about a cycle, a cycle that people understand. It drives you mad, but it’s beautiful. People have seen most of the choices that I’ve made in my life. And I love every choice that I’ve made. Because now I understand how to apply that to my music. This is who I am. I’m glad my life was never perfect.”

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Written by CelebMix