Selena Gomez talks about Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and dating Zayn Malik

The beautiful Selena Gomez covers the January 2016 issue of InStyle UK! The 23 year old opens up about a variety of things from growing up with a single mom, her best friend Taylor Swift, her ex boyfriend Justin Bieber, and she even addresses the rumors of dating Zayn Malik!Selena Gomez talks Justin Bieber, Zayn Malik, and dating older men 1When asked about growing up with a single mom, Selena said: “We used to run out of gas on the highway. I still can’t wrap my head around what she did for me.”  She said that her mom always said, “If you’re not having fun, we’re going home.” Selena still returns to her childhood house in Grand Prairie to visit family when she needs a break. She added that she has to ”share a bathroom with seven people!”

Mostly everyone loves to talk about celebrity love lives, but Selena opened up about how she’s tired of talking about her relationship with her ex boyfriend Justin Bieber. “It’s really hard because I’m a nice person. I’m just tired of talking about it. I never intended for my life to become a tabloid story”, she said.

As we all know, Selena and Taylor Swift are the best of friends, but Selena said that “people have this fantasy that we’re in our underwear, having pillow fights. We just play good music – sometimes live – and eat, and hang out.” She also said that she helps Taylor in “the boy department”, while her best friend sets her straight on regrets. “I’ll be like, ‘I think I totally screwed up’, but Taylor says, ‘Actually, you didn’t’ and shows me how to make my mistakes into something great.”

There have been tons of rumors about Selena and Zayn Malik, but she said that “if he [Zayn] had asked me out on a date, I would be seen with him. Just kidding, but not kidding,” she said. Right now, Gomez is dating – reluctantly. “I hate it. It’s hard and I’m weirded out by the idea that a guy has googled me before we meet, and that has happened.” She also adds: “I feel like I look 16 sometimes, which is a bummer because I would love to date older guys.:

Selena admits that the criticism about her body image really did hurt her feelings. She said that she “never experienced that before, but I didn’t want [that] to be the story, so I said, ‘I don’t care what you think!’ I’m learning that you can be comfortable and still look beautiful.” She also said, “Some days, I like what I see. Other days I’m like, ‘I’m not even going to bother.'”

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Written by CelebMix